Traffic and parking plans unveiled for Riverside Galleria – May 2, 2016

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The May 2, 2016 article which appeared in the Staten Island Advance reported that the developers of riverside Galleria have devised a traffic and parking plan to make accessing the site easier for the community.  The developer will be constructing more than 2,300 feet of new roads, plus turning lanes along Arthur Kill Road.

Said Nathaniel Zuelzke, project leader and senior designer of the Manhattan-based STUDIO V Architecture – the architect for the project, “We only have 600-feet of frontage on Arthur Kill Road. The solution we have come up with, which we think will pull any type of traffic congestion off Arthur Kill Road, is to create a (network) of new streets that are connecting the two edges of our property where they touch Arthur Kill Road. We have about 2,330 odd linear feet of new road that form a U-shape, and our project will front primarily onto these new roads, as well as a small section of Arthur Kill Road where we are keeping the Cole House.”  [read more]

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